About Me

My name is David Petersen. I was born in Israel, spent my younger years in Lincoln, Nebraska, and finally landed in Corvallis, Oregon. Currently I am living in Seattle, Washington. I believe I have been heavily influenced by the physical environment around me, particularly during my formative years in Oregon. Growing up in Nebraska I was accustomed to harsh seasons and uniform landscapes. After moving to Oregon I began to discover mountains, rivers, beaches and forests. My goal is to strive to match the perfection I see in nature.

Web development provides an outlet for me. There is something very powerful about having an idea and minutes later being able to start to see it come to fruition. My passion is to create websites that are beautiful, from bits to pixels.

Outside of work I enjoy playing soccer, cooking, and riding my bicycle. This website will serve as my portfolio and an outlet for my thoughts.

Seattle, Washington
Javascript, HTML, CSS