Hi, I'm DJ


I'm a senior software engineer living in Seattle, Washington. I'm currently pass a big chunk of my day at Flexport. I have been working professionally in this field for the last 14 years. My work has focused on building applications across the entire stack, from focusing on building rich single page applications in the browser to optimizing how data is both stored and queried.

I've found this to be incredibly enriching as the opportunity to take products from the idea stage to shipped. My work often covers everything from the bits to pixels. Every time I go through the process I believe that I do a little better than the last. Whether implementing a better testing strategy or better selecting the list of the libraries that we are using.

Most recently I have focused on refining and improving my ability to be a force multiplier both through leadership roles as well as a heavy focus on mentorship. I have found that I am most effective when I am able to help others grow and improve.


Over my career I have been to fortunate enough to work in a variety of engineering roles for Amazon AWS, Uber, Shift Technology.

This site

This website was built on a custom stack that allows me to tightly control the build process with a focus on performance, accessibility and developer speed. On some level I wish I would have gone with one of the React based frameworks where some of these pieces could be a littler richer, but I find this works well enough for what I need. The final output is static HTML/Javascript/CSS that I can ship to a CDN.

It is hosted on Cloudflare pages. The main typeface used is Karmilla.

Around the web

Here are a few places you can find me on the internet and perhaps learn a little more about what I'm working on